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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

"Things that Hurt Instruct....!!!!"

Ride statistics
Ride: To Janapadaloka and backDistance: A Century rideNo of Bikers: 141 bikers took partRoute: SH 17First timer 100 kms: 21+ bikersYoungest biker: 12 years (2 of them)Event page link here

After each ride I just look back at the ride and contemplate how did it go....what is the learning for the day? At this point of time I have two choices, either to blame the circumstances or to look at those things that I have control and try to work on. When I focus on what I can change, to that extent the ride becomes more meaningful. Looking for Gold, there is always something good in every single situation that one thinks that went wrong.

Bikers who completed 100 kms for the First time (at least 4 of them missing here)....Photo credit: Iqbal
When it comes to riding on Highway, I can blame at it as too much of traffic or look at the superb tarmac road and the speed what it gives me and the kick what I get when I look at kmph and improve my Personal Best. When I look at the heat either I can blame or learn how to hydrate myself and look at the bikers who ride in coastal belt and understand how much I am blessed because weather is that much better here. Recently in Chennai 13 guys finished Brevet 1,000 kms in under 75 hrs, how did they do, they did not had heat, humidity, what is the take home for me, last year when I was riding during brevet kgf 300, I suffered while riding Vaniambadi stretch. This Friday I took some time off from work, rode between 10 to 1.30 pm to get adjusted to the heat, by that I can enjoy the ride next day. Is not this saying is more apt here, "More you practice, less you bleed in the battle field". Also I can get up as early as possible and finish the ride before Sun becomes too hot. Summer is lot more better compared to winter and rainy season is not it? You do not feel like sleeping much you get a chance to ride more.

At the U turn point - Janapadaloka.....Photo credit: Iqbal

When I ride in a group I will come to know how pathetic I am as a rider, either I can beat myself or speak to the biker and find out 'how does he train' 'how often he rides' 'what else he does apart from cycling' 'does he do cross training' there is so much to learn and so much to improve, as I keep saying, "Fitness is not destination, it is a journey". If I am taking 7 hrs to reach home, where others are taking 3.5 hrs there is something I need to work seriously on my fitness. I need to understand where I am going wrong, it is so pathetic either I can quit biking or learn from Naveen John, Sohan Sintre or Vivek Radhakrishan. This city has countless role models in biking I need to keep my three letter word (Ego) aside that comes in the way of asking for help.
See of bicycles parked at Janapadaloka - what a seen it was! - Photo credit: Iqbal
There is this beautiful poem written by Da.Ra. Bendre, I have picked a line from the poem...."Sante yolgondu maneya madi shabdakke nachidodentayya" (you have built a house in the middle of a market, can you shy away for the noise.....)!? Today when you are riding anywhere on a bicycle you are surrounded by other motor vehicles and honking/sound and noise level is high, either you get used to it or what choice you have 'can keep getting irritated every now and then'?  "It is the container that holds the acid gets the maximum damage" decide what you want to be? Ride to Janapadaloka and back was one of the awesome experience where so many bikers riding on highway and spending time at break fast point, that attracted maximum attention of the other road users. There are lot of interesting stories to share about this ride, will keep it for some other day (when you go through this blog post, if you were part of the ride, please do share your stories, i would like to read about it.....).

Saw this too, there was so much space and comfort to rest too Promise and others having rest - Photo credit: Promise
Bikers just having great time eating yummy breakfast, it was so convenient to sit and spread out in that area....Photo credit: Promise 
We saw them too of course without bicycles....Photo credit: Promise
Support car for the ride - Naveen john, Sagar TU, Sooraj and Darshan  dwarakanath....Photo credit: Gautam Ramini
Two of my good friends, most approachable and humble bikers, impressed they coming for this ride and having good time with everyone - JP (an SR) and Sohan sintre (one the brevet 1,000 kms finisher) Photo credit: JP

Some of the "Who is Who" of Bangalore Biking, who took their time for a short ride (for them i even doubt it was a warm up ride.....) and spent lot of time with all of us. They lead from the front, spent hours with newbie's sharing their experiences and making all of us life richer we had one awesome time riding with them.Here is those bikers who made a huge difference to Saturday's ride and i say THANK YOU, "Each one ofYOU made a difference" Ali PoonawalaSohan Sintre Silvester Rajpaul Vivek Radhakrishnan Naveen John Namu Kini Jayaprakash Eranthakaje Ravindra Rao Vivek Kubaji Sanath Kumar S D Suman Paul Suraj L. N. Swamy Giridhar Kamath Harishankar ModurTvm Aditya Balu Balakrishna Yateesh Kumar Promise Gangani Pradeep Naidu Ashish Nabira Rajesh P Nayak Darshan Dwarkanath Michael Steiner Pavan Shetty and a special mention to Team BOTS for all the support.

Below is the posters that was created by Tvm Aditya and scripted by Naveen John some awesome work by team BOTS in compiling everything the newbie's wanted to know about the A, B, C D's of biking and what it takes to do their First 100 kms. Great job guys, i have put it as it is for the benefit of the reader, initially it was posted on event page.


6 TIPS ON BIKE SIZING so that your ride this Saturday is comfortable and injury-free!

1. SADDLE: Sit on the widest part of the saddle (close to the back) and NOT on the nose of the saddle, this way, your hips have a firm base of support to pedal efficiently

2. HIPS: Reach for your handlebars by bending at the hip and NOT by arching your back. Your lower back will thank you!

3. FEET: Pedal with the ball of your foot and NOT with the arch of your foot

4. FOOT ROTATION: Make sure your toes are pointing forward and NOT rotated excessively outward or inwards

5. SADDLE HEIGHT: Following the tips above, with your foot and pedal at the bottom of the pedal stroke, you should have a slight bend in your knee, and NOT be completely locked out. Too high and you start rocking from side to side while pedaling. Too low and you start experiencing knee pain.

6. ELBOWS: Relax your upper body, let your legs do the work and do NOT lock out your elbows.


6 SUGGESTIONS ON WHAT TO WEAR so that you can knock out your first CENTURY more easily than Sachin Tendulkar!

1. HEADGEAR: Protect your head by wearing a HELMET; it saves lives! Get on your SUNGLASSES to keep the wind and road debris out of your eyes. If you're a heavy sweater, consider a BANDANA, to keep sweat out of your eyes.
2. GLOVES: It's turning out to be a warm Spring, so pick gloves with short-cut fingers and padding. You'll ride with better grip on your handlebars and bumpy roads won't be a bother.

3. CLOTHING DO's: Get a pair of CYCLING SHORTS with padding and a CYCLING JERSEY with pockets. Alternatively, go with a pair of synthetic tights underneath, paired with lightweight synthetic shorts, and a Tech T-shirt. Keep it simple and dress light!

4. CLOTHING DON'T'S: It's going to be a warm day, so AVOID track pants and wind breakers, because you're going to lock-in heat and sweat excessively. AVOID cotton shirts and shorts since they'll lock-in moisture, not allowing your body to cool-off!

5. FEET: Avoid cotton SOCKS and go synthetic here too. Your feet will stay drier and you'll avoid painful blisters! Wear your lightest pair of snug-fitting sports SHOES.

6. LOOSE ENDS: Grab a ZIP LOCK bag to put your ID, phone, keys, and some cash in. If you have a smartphone, use an activity tracking app like Strava Cycling or Endomondo Sports Tracker, so you can share your kick-ass achievement with friends later! 


The SECRET to finishing an endurance CENTURY is NUTRITION & HYDRATION and here are 6 guidelines to fueling your body's engine right through to your finish line!

1. NIGHT BEFORE: This is your last chance to top-up your body's energy reserves. LOAD-UP on carbohydrates and fluids and enjoy your dessert tonight! Suggestions: Rice, potatoes, cooked veggies, protein, and hydrate. AVOID oily/spicy foodand bank a good night's rest (7+ hrs)

2. MORNING OF: Eat a light breakfast, 1hr+ before the ride. Suggestions: Idli's, Uppittu, toast, cornflakes, oats, juice, coffee, are all good (but not all together!). Do NOT start the ride on an empty stomach!

3. EAT: Eating CONSISTENTLY is essential to finishing. Take in 200-300 Calories/hr in mainly carbohydrates. As a rule of thumb, that's a fistful size portion of food. Suggestions: Energy bars, Chicki (peanut candy), dried fruit and nuts (in a zip lock bag), peanut butter-jam sandwiches are magic! 

4. DRINK: Drinking CONSISTENTLY is also essential to finishing. Take in 600 ml - 1 liter/hr of water. This is especially important since it's going to be warm outside.

5. ELECTROLYTES: Muscle CRAMPS are associated with dehydration, electrolyte deficit and muscle fatigue. It is essential that you replace electrolytes lost through sweat. Suggestions: Bananas, Electral and Enerzal work well.

6. MID-RIDE MEAL: This is a great chance to reboot your energy systems. Take this opportunity to HYDRATE! Take in a liter of water while you wait for your food. Eat carbs, fruit, coffee (for a caffeine boost), and something sweet isn't going to hurt. AVOID spicy/oily food. Do NOT eat too much, as this will draw blood flow to your gut and away from your legs. Do NOT stop for too long.


10 TIPS on GROUP RIDING ETIQUETTE on your first group CENTURY ride. Make sure you check out the BONUS TIP at the end!

1. RIDE IN A GROUP: Find a bunch of folks who share the same GOAL (fun-seekers, speed demons, finishers, foodies, etc) and ride together to take advantage of the DRAFT (since you spent ~30% less energy sitting behind another rider). 

2. RIDE WITHIN YOURSELF: If you feel a group'sPACE doesn't match your ability, drop back to a slower group, or convince the group to slow down for you (and that is a test of true friendship, right there!). This point is key to FINISHING your first 100k!

3. HEADS-UP: Look up the road, NOT at your front wheel. If you're behind a rider, look at their hips (since that's where a lot of bike control comes from) to predict their next move . Also, look past the rider in front of you to preempt their next move. Similarly, if you're behind a motor vehicle, do NOT look at its tail lights to predict what it's going to do next, instead look past the vehicle, to preempt it's next move!

4. EARS OPEN: AVOID riding with ear buds on since you won't be able to hear passing cyclists/ vehicles. If you must, put only your left ear bud in and ride on the left of the road.

5. VERBAL COMMUNICATION: When riding in a group, for the benefit of riders behind you, CALL OUT things like potholes ("hole!"), debris, motor vehicles parked on the side of the road/approaching in the wrong direction 

("car up!"), or other situations requiring attention ("up!").

6. NON-VERBAL COMMUNICATION: When riding in a group, for the benefit of riders behind you, POINT OUT things like potholes, debris, motor vehicles parked on the side of the road/approaching in the wrong direction.
7. MAKE YOUR PRESENCE KNOWN: Let the rider in front of you know that you are passing him/her by saying: "on you right/ on your left". If you are being passed, do NOT change your riding line abruptly like a BMTC bus!
8. HOLD YOUR LINE: If you find horns blaring at you, the ideal way to react is to be predictable, hold your riding line, acknowledge the vehicle trying to pass by WAVING them past when it's safe for YOU. This will illicit a 
positive response 99% of the time!
9. MAINTAIN ORDER: When we're out there riding, we're representatives of the whole community of cyclists. NEVER let a group get more than 2 wide and when it calls for, stay single file. AVOID forming amorphous blobs (of cyclists on the road). The more unpredictable a groups behavior is, the more unsafe it is for everyone. Do NOT use your cellphone while riding! 
10. SHARE GYAN: If you're a more experienced rider, share your knowledge with riders who are tackling this distance for the first time, or maybe doing something incorrectly (ex: too low a cadence?, incorrect saddle height?, not drinking enough!, helmet on wrong!?, etc). Genuine advice from the right place will not go unappreciated!

Read this blog post written by another biker (venkataraghavan srinivasan) who took part in this ride, to get a different perspective of the ride.


  1. "Sante yolgondu maneya madi shabdakke nachidodentayya" - Such a nice quote and a good learning. In fact, every para of your post gives a lesson.

    1. Avinash,

      Thank you buddy....yes that is the only way to grow in life.

  2. Nice one Anil... True it is.. Its all learning...
    Many factors push us down... while riding as u truly indicated.. but yes its upto us .. we quit by blaming the factors or learn and conquer them !

    1. Rahul,

      Thank you dude, absolutely....that is the way to go, 'learn and conquer'.

  3. Thanks Anil.....for the write up...we felt too much heat in 1000 Brm

    1. Silvesterrajpaul,

      Thank you buddy, you taking time to read the blog post, i understand when it comes to comes to finishing 1,000 kms it is lot more tougher than i can imagine, i was looking at pic of yours could not find one.

  4. Great write up as always... ;)
    keep going dude... we r with you as always :)

    1. Promise,

      Thank you buddy.....pleasure is mine, thank you for those beautiful pics.

  5. Very well written Anil, and thanks again for all your energy

  6. Observer,

    Thank you. i appreciate you taking time to read it.

  7. Thanks Anil.. for great write up and encouragement.. It was my first 100... ended up doing 140+
    last 30KM was really tough given that sun was at its peak.

    - Rajeshwar

    1. Rajeshwar,

      Thank you....i appreciate your spirit in completing it, can please do connect me on FB or send me a message.

  8. Very expressive and informative write up..This could be like a reference manual for all the new riders!! This was my first 100km..riding along with pro bikers, learning the do's and dont's, hearing about their past rides was a unique experience...and best of all made a lot of new friends!! Thanks Anil Kadsur for initiating and organizing this ride..Certain moments of motivation during the ride - Found Sohan Sintre cheering for me " Go Archana!!" while riding uphill..that gave a virtual push...And during the return ride, Pradeep Naidu rode along with me at my speed all the way till home and taught me a lot of things bout cycling enroute...Also rode along with Aakash Agarwal, Nithin Shetty, Nithin Philip ...Thanks to all :)

    1. Archana you were going strong on your Cool looking Marin :)

    2. Archana,

      Thank you....i appreciate you taking time to read it, yes i completely agree with you, group rides are like that....i too agree with Sohan.

  9. Anil thanks for the blog post...

    I am just following big fishes in the cycling community (including you) and I have been hooked by you very often, by including my name with big fishes :)

    Thanks once again for organizing this ride, memorable one & glad to be there

    1. Sohan,

      Thank you...buddy you are awesome, it was always pleasure to meet you and interact with you.

  10. Good write up Anil! Joy of cycling in words. Thanks for sharing the experiences!

    1. Kishan,

      Thank you....it was always a pleasure to share it.

  11. my comment ... an unusual one !!! .. when is the next ride Anil ????

    1. Sanjay,

      Thank you buddy.....an unusual one, why do you think so....let us see when is going to be the next one.

  12. Nice write up, It was cycle jathre @ Janapada Loka. Gr8 Job in getting the crowd together. Had Fun & N'jpyed...

    1. Hi,

      Thank you....hehehe....yes it was cycle jathre....good to know you had great time.

  13. :-) Anil, my comments about your blogs are getting very repetitive...but here i go once again "You are inspirational!!!"

    1. Sunil,

      Thank you...hehehe.....nice to meet you again buddy, will ride again shortly.

  14. Nice round up...bad that I missed it.

    1. Raj,

      Thank you buddy....taking time to read it, yes i know missed you too.