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Thursday, 27 February 2014

Volunteers, Inspirations & Cycle Day...!!!

I have a friend, then he was preparing for board exams, he is so much in love with bicycling.  He went on pleading his parents to get a bicycle for him.  Every now and then i used to go and meet him and he would ride my bicycle for couple of rounds and after that i continue for my work. Recently happen to meet him again he rides a pulsar 220cc bike costing Rs.1,20,000 that came as a gift to him on his birthday. My next point of hope is when he gets his first salary, even when i saw him sitting on that motor bike, i could feel how much he misses the bicycle.

Here is another friend, he is Varun gowda a very active volunteer at Cycle Day. Some time last year when his parents wanted him to buy a motor bike (that is the first vehicle in their family), he chooses a bicycle. He is studying Engineering one way to college is 31 kms once a week he uses to bicycle to go to college and bicycle is his mode for going every where. During his holidays he does 100 to 200 kms training rides.

One of the Cycle Day volunteer this month is Yogesh, works for a corporate.  He had a meeting with a client on Saturday and Sunday, there is no way he could make it to the Cycle Day.  Then he came to know about it, Javagal Srinath is coming to Cycle Day, as he is his childhood cricket hero, he did not want to miss him.  He speaks to his boss and then speaks to his client request for post phoning of the meeting so that he can be there for the Cycle Day. As he was manning one of the junction he did not get time to meet his Hero, he did not complain a word about it, i told him will do my best to get a one-on-one meeting with his favorite star. 

Till date i have never spoke about what i did, how did i contribute for Cycle Day what did i do. This time i felt it was really intense, thought worth a mention. Not just because the work i did, the time put in by others makes it worth a mention. From Saturday morning to Sunday till 1 pm in that 33 hours i personally spent 23.30 hrs in field. Apart from volunteers meet, recce, activities plan, major task was spreading the message (that is by distributing pamphlet one-to-one). Saturday morning 5,000 pamphlets went in as news paper insertions (Srinidhi, Varun and me) and we monitored it. I left for Lalbaugh siddapura gate spent hours together distributing pamphlet one-to-one. Talking to people, explaining them and answering so many questions. Meeting many known faces runners, cyclists who were doing there morning runs and rides. This continued for whole day, with a short break to reaching home for a quick freshening up and lunch. Through out the day now and then, Varun, Amit, Sheeba, Neha, kinga bhai and many more helped in spreading the word too. By evening 5 pm Yashas joined me for continuing the this work at jayanagar 4th block. Biker friends who know me well understand how strong i am, i started developing severe knee pain (i was not able to stand, it was hurting a lot....) due to standing for whole day, heat, not drinking much water and left hand in the same position for hours together, fatigue was setting in. My hand was paining unbearably due to holding on to the same position as i was recovering from the fracture (even though it is year now) it was tested to the core. By this time Yashas also came back telling his hands are paining, we both decided enough for the day, it was 8 pm by then. I had lot of very interesting interactions while doing this work. In fact it was a kick for me to do this work, as you get to interact with so many people, even though it was a short one and long interactions many a times. I personally distributed more than 3250 plus pamphlets last four days to the event.

DULT Commissioner DR. Manjula Madam playing Chowka bara - one of the open street games,  that is how much she is involved in Cycle Day...photo credit: Sathya 
Aditya Rangaswamy and Yashas - two awesome kids 10th std and 7th std were there at the venue at 5.30 am - look at them this is not told to them see the enthusiasm and understanding the situation acting on their own...photo credit: cadence90
The Cycle Day was for all generations and every one becomes kid when bicycling.....photo credit: Vijesh mohan
Javagal Srinath with his son took part in Cycle Day......photo credit: cadence90
Just before the start of the main ride....photo credit: Sreeharsha kottadamane
She played this puppet cycle, last month i played it - ease at which she played i was really surprised - she gave me new dimension 'size does not matter' respect girl!....photo credit: Sreeharsha kottadamane
This pic says how much this event was fun and hit among families...photo credit: Esaf.
Sheshadri - 7th std, comes from quite far of place - puts his bicycle in bmtc bus reaches to the venue - founds out from people, reaches to me - very keen on volunteering has volunteered in January too.... respect to the parents allowing him to explore his world....photo credit: cadence90
Previous day Volunteer's meet, briefing and recce of the route - wonderful and committed friends who are making difference to the Cycle Day.... photo credit: Vijesh mohan
This pic says 'it all' that is what Bicycling does to people irrespective of age......look at it, he is in his own world - what triggers to you when you see the above pic....photo credit: cadence90
Some of the news papers reports, a nice blog write up by Cyclists for life here.  This Cycle Day is what it is because of so many volunteers selflessly contributing for the event who love the city and the cause, i personally dedicate this Cycle Day to them for making all the difference, please do excuse i will not able to take each and every one's name here, respect your contribution to the cause!!!
First one, 2nd one, 3rd one and 4th Cycle Day ......

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Vodafone Cycling Marathon - 'Cycling WON'...!!!!

You and me having a job is an indication it is not a perfect world, there is lot of work to do. Sorry if i am disappointing you, i am not going to write about what went wrong and what went right (for that you can check here).  Some where something went wrong that is why we are there in this world is not it, do not know, just saying. Who am i to say what is the right of doing something, then i should not be writing this, be 'just doing it'. Then you must be wondering why this blog post, as i was going through the Face book pages, saw countless photos clicked and uploaded. Also to my surprises there was not single photographer or a biker was able to do justice to the entire event, juts in case if someone missed the event and want to have a glance at it. What that means it was impossible to be there everywhere and covering it, because so much was happening in so many places. It is an attempt in doing that, i do not say i did a justice, made an attempt. Already two of my good friends have done an awesome job in writing it from a different perspective, first Rahul raj dusa and Bike venky. Credit goes to all the wonderful people who spent lot of time and energy in clicking these beautiful photos, caption below is my thoughts to make it little more interesting and connect these images one to another and throw a light about my perspective. One thing i know with this Cycling won big time and that is what this city needs too.......

Sridhar Savanur of Team Wheel Sports winning the Champion ride.... photo Credit: team wheel sports
We already have the winner for 2024....I was wondering is this what the child wants or parent....appreciate the spirit!!! photo credit: Dalpath singh 
the youngest rider 17 months....above poster is for him!! photo credit: Dalpath singh

Uni cycle....from above tri cycle to Uni cycle this event saw everything..... photo credit: Amit singh
passion ride- 40 kms ride- sea of cyclists......photo credit: Nalla p konar
this is the spirit of cycling we saw, he is registered, paid and came to the passion ride....impressive....Rs. 400 was bit too much is not it....photo credit: cadence90

and this bike and rider in champion ride....photo credit: vish photography
passion ride bikers passing ccd square....how bangalore has changed over the years....photo credit: vish photography
this is more than some 50 years old bicycle....check for hub dynamo, foot pump, saddle bag....photo credit: cadence90

one of my good biker friend and doctor Narasimha fixing the flat post passion ride....photo credit: jagadish singh

Indian ocean performance.....photo credit: sunil kumar o g

wow, what a saddle....one of my biker friend Sohan sintre's saddle, he recently completed the 1000 kms brevet (one of the 8 finishers in the last month event) photo credit: cadence90

aero helmet, nice click...photo credit: the con photography

Kapil sharma with a cause 'planting more trees' what an effort put in to get this to the venue and ride....photo credit: kapil sharma

saw them too.....photo credit: pk bishoyi

quite funny is not it.....photo credit: cadence90
then what you say for this....photo credit: amit singh

lot of work is not it....looks cool....photo credit: leanne alcasoas

nice capture is not it.....photo credit: karthik mulakaluri

this is equally good too is not it....impressed....photo credit: cadence90

check the saddle height....too high...photo credit: cadence90

check the saddle height...too low....we saw this too....photo credit: cadence90
talking on the phone while riding the bike....what to say for this....photo credit: cadence90

Opendro - biker friend and finisher of brevet 1000 and 1200 kms....Deepak (in red jersey) - biker friend and brevet 1000 kms finisher who has also finished lot of FM....photo credit: cadence90
Passion ride top finisher....photo credit: high on marathon
one more nice capture.....photo credit: sriharsha hk

 a nice logo i say.....a nice capture a perfect color combo....photo credit: highonmarathon
looks so real is not it......is the message is, in the present life style body become so aged when the heart is still young.....do not you think cycling is a good option to reverse it....photo credit: micky photography

RJ Raaj, RJ Sriram sullia and Punitha acharya with the cycle rickshaw what RJ Raaj rented for the fun ride, what an effort riding that bike....respect for your love towards cycling.....photo credit: RJ Raaj

wow.....very impressive right....hope biker in the air and in one casting next to him has no relevance, hehehe....awesome job procycle.....photo credit: amit singh 
speechless......photo credit: the con photography

champion ride in progress....photo credit: highonmarathon
biker from jamakandi riding in champion ride on fixed gear bike.....photo credit: rohan bera photography
dejected/bonked (does the image above and this has some message!?).....photo credit: cadence90

team wheel sports top boss, Venkatesh shivarama extremely good at identifying talent and nurturing them....is that an indication of he is driving and  he is in full control.....respect!! photo credit: cadence90

champion ride top 3 finishers....photo credit: team wheel sports

do not you think this is how bangalore looks beautiful!?....photo credit:vish photography