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Monday, 25 November 2013

Cycle Day as seen By 'Lord Shiva's'

Thank you Bangalore
Transport Minister Shri Ramalinga Reddy joins the ride.
Rain God Varuna contributed for the Cycle Day too.
Scary is not it, from the biker next to him you can make out right!?
The Pride
what do i say for this? thank you
head on/friends/some strategy for the ride.....kids having fun
Procycles at the Cycle Day and Ashwin facing them.
50 year old antique piece 
Sri ram's son at the Cycle Day
Is not it good, for a change revers of what we go through on a daily life 
It is all in the family...
a kid going green
Days are changing so is biking traditional bike with non traditional handle bar
good becomes 'better'
that is the spirit on Sunday
is he lost/unhappy because his bike is heavy a kid in defensive mood
Chiddu and Ashok - 'my inspiration'
Ncc at the Cycle Day
is she wondering from where did we get so many bikers......

Dhawal the tourer
50 year old bike and the latest here....'go pro' Cycle Day is for everyone
Much loved and admired Janardhan sir is he planning a tour with this gentlemen who is on All India tour
when there is already support wheels why extra support!?
is in it better than above one?

hats off to her Mom whom i spoke at the event, she is happy riding all alone
someone like me who is riding a bigger bike

bikers everywhere, super cool fixie (orange colour) in the front Aditya Mendonca with team Procycles
Flower matching the bike or vice verse!?
balance, focus, turning,  today's kid to watch
what is happening here....!!??
Chetana Hiremath one of dedicated biker when it comes these kind of causes
Chirag - 'biker whom i admire' with the volunteers (separate blog post for their introduction, thank you guys,please excuse not everyone is there in this photo!!)


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Sohan and happy to meet you yesterday.

  2. lemme use a lil tamil..'super machi'..very nice account indeed!

    1. Thank you Sri. i liked it, do not know what to comment in tamil.

  3. A nice photo essay. Kudos Anil. A super turnout.

    1. Thank you Ashok, each time i meet you my battery gets charged.

    2. when does it get discharged? hehe!

    3. Sri.
      hehe.....a good bouncer!!

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you Prakash, missed you yesterday will see you next time.

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you Karthik, i missed you yesterday.

  6. Amazing Anil... around 1000 riders rode 7km... it means 7000km rode on cycle day... ;)

    1. Thank you Promise, so true...it can only get better.

  7. I had to miss as I had done a 200 just the previous day .... i am sure you will ensure that there is a next time for me :-) ... great work anil, as always. The world can do with a few more anil kadsurs :-)

    1. Thank you Satya, oh yah ok, i do understand. Yes it is last Sunday of December ie 30 December, just block the dates.

  8. Replies
    1. Thank you Nithin Shetty for the beautiful photos.

  9. Thanks for the credits. Nice of you to promote this so wholeheartedly. Regarding the last picture - Chirag and friends - being new to the community - don't really know any of them - they just looked like people who seem to enjoy biking (guess I was not wrong). I guess the more I ride - I would get to know more of the veterans and would take better (more complete pictures ) :)


    1. Observer thank you. you have done an awesome job in clicking some of the beautiful pics, true you will know about the riders more once you start interacting with them.

  10. Beautiful logue Anil :)
    Looking forward to join for the next cycle day.

    1. Thank you Shubhashree. Good to know you took the time to read it. yes would like to have you for the next event along with your friends.

  11. The photo essays are a joy to go through, again and again. They show various shades and moods of the occasion, but can you stitch them into a story in a separate blog? It will be fun to go through one of your takes..
    --regards Gourav