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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Cycle Day a Special one!!!

Some of these personal stories what makes Cycle Day so special and unique and inspires each one of us and convinces this city needs it.  

* A foreign national from the USA chooses Bangalore instead of Delhi because it is better city in terms of Cycling. Just a week here in Bangalore and still staying in a Hotel. Rode all the way from Cox town. Rides a Brompton foldie very excited to be part of it, told he is going to be there every month.

* A lady calls from Devanahalli (50+ kms one way to Jayanagar). She is 70 years, do not know how to ride a bike. She would like to take part in Cycle Day if someone is willing to teach her how to ride a bike. Do we need a better example to understand age is just a number!?

* Ashok Thiruvengadam stays in HAL has to drop his son to cricket coaching at 7.30 am, Palace grounds and need to pick him back at 9.45 am. Puts the bike in his car drops the son parks the car at Palace grounds cycles to Jayanagar and spends some good time meeting all the bikers and goes back.

* RJ Raaj stays quite far, getting late to be in time. Finally an auto guy more than happy to take both RJ Raaj and the bicycle to Jayanagar and without even charging extra. RJ Raaj that is the commitment to the cause and auto driver Shivraj is very happy to know about Cycle Day.

* Previous day i met a lady while distributing the pamphlet is doctor by profession. She was so excited knowing about it, she told she commutes on bicycle 5 days a week and her hubby too is a doctor working in Manipal and he too commutes on bicycle.

* Pavan krishna a 7th standard student. Comes early to the venue, we were heading to taking position of junctions and cross roads. He just rides with us, listens to everything what we were discussing.  Then i asked him are you keen on volunteering in one of the cross road, he said yes and took the position. After sometime he called his parents as they stay near by joined within minutes. Mom and Dad helping him manage the junction as cyclists come. Four of the volunteers are studying in 8th standard (Dheeraj, Khushal, Yashash )

* Monday morning i was commuting to work on the way i see a Police Officer and recognized him he was there on Cycle Day doing his duty. I stopped my bicycle and went to him and thanking him for the awesome job on Cycle Day, to my surprise he hugged me as he was doing that joy and happiness was visible in his eyes, as i left from that place tears rolled down on my cheeks......"I told to myself this Cycle Day is dedicated to YOU and to all the Police Officers."

Mr. G.T.Srinivas with his team, respect for you sir!!
Mr. G.T. Srinivas leading from the front
Cycles on rent neatly organised
Ambulance ready to take care
bike on display from Cadence90
warm up session by Gold's Gym
RJ Raag arriving in style and auto driver Shivraj
Beautiful stage, Pranav with Mr. Vijaya Kumar-MLA and Dr. Manjula madam -Commissioner DULT
Sea of Cyclists
Smitha Rao and RJ Raag of RED FM
Time to stop complaining, is not it.....!?
As usual BOTS at its creative best Shyamala Kittene
Bike Maintenance workshop by BOTS - Suraj here
Photo Credits to Naresh Khandai, Vinay Srinivas, BOTS, Esaf Bangalore, Vijesh Mohan, RJ Raag and SK Srinivas

Awesome tag - a design by team DULT 
December Cycle Day poster
open street - street drawing
Lagori - (My favorite game)  
Kids busy drawing....

What this Cycle Day has done is, adult becoming kid, Chiddu enjoying barefoot skipping
Rope jumping
What is your choice and the lovely gift to the winners
She is in Air!!!
this is how it was looking...
kids on stage
Slow cycle race for cops he is the winner as Srinidhi watching it
They loved it too....
This is how clean when we left the place
Volunteers at the end thanking all countless volunteers/bikers out there who made a difference to December Cycle Day
Hope is not lost, is not it!?

Happy new year wishes to everyone here and out there....


  1. Great pics Anil, all very self explanatory as usual :)

    1. Praki,

      Thank you for taking time to go through it, appreciate it.

  2. Woohhoooo... Nice write-up as always...
    Great photo collection too... :)

    1. Promise Gangani,

      Thank you for the kind words.

  3. Super Anil . . . . very well written as usual . . . . photos are very nice . . . . .due to my vacation I missed it . . . :-(

    1. Sanath Kumar S D,

      Thank you for the kind words, yes i too missed you, see you next time.

  4. Replies
    1. Vinay Shankara,

      Thank you and for the photos you have clicked.

  5. Your blog keeps people motivated and it's nice to meet you...Have fun...

    1. Santosh CC,

      Thank you for the encouraging words, pleasure is mine too, will join for a ride together some time soon.

  6. Cycle God,, God Bless!!! I must admit that, along with cycling your writing skills are also inspiring..

    God Bless and eager to see you breaking your own records...

    1. Pradeep NS,

      Thank you buddy....appreciate you taking time to read, thank you once again for all the wishes.

  7. excellent organisation, excellent post - - cycling is happening in Bengaluru, and in a big way

    1. Murali,

      Thank you, true you are right it is getting bigger and bigger.

  8. Excellent write up!!! looking forward to be part of next cycle day !!

    1. Jay,

      Thank you, sure looking forward to meet you next month.

  9. Every time I am busy with work... I have an excuse for cycling...
    Every time i come across your blog.... I have an excuse for work !

    Awesome Anil ! Reaching the Masses !

    Wish this Cycle Day concept reaches great heights ! :)

    1. Rahul,

      Thank you for the lovely words, with you all guys supporting the cause no wonder that day is not very far.

  10. Replies
    1. Raju,

      Thank you for taking time to read it, see you next month.

  11. Anil your Blogs are very interesting, fresh and lively. A lot of small details are captured elegantly. Keep em coming .... looking forward for more in the future
    Wishing you a Happy New Year 2014

    1. San Jay,

      Thank you for the kind and encouraging words, happy new year wishes to you too.

  12. It was my first Cycle day and I was proud to be a Volunteer.....Thanks Anil.....This blog is awesome...:-)

    1. Trilokpati padhy,

      Thank you for taking time to volunteer, you made a difference, acknowledge the kind words.

  13. Hi Anil..
    Beautifully written and amount of dedication and thought you guys have put in..
    as well as your love for getting more people to cycle..

    Sincere eye wetting appreciation!

    Ali Poonawala

    1. Ali Poonawala sir,

      Thank you, i appreciate you taking time to read this blog post. People like you around make a huge difference to movement, thank you once again.

  14. as pure as your single speed ;)............ Krishna