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Monday, 27 January 2014

200 to 2000 in Four Seconds - 4th Cycle Day....!!!!

Other day when i got an opportunity to ride with Dr.Unni who is riding from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, i asked him a question, how do you describe your entire riding experience in one sentence? He said it so beautifully, "Expression is in visuals" here is an attempt to live up to that.....

What an expression - this one pic speaks about the joy of Cycling/freedom/accomplishment/kid in her, she made a good progress in balancing the Bicycle, thank to Chiddu
From above pic here you go, that was the bandwidth.....is not it 360 degree transition!?
4th Cycle Day e-poster
Hero's behind this event Varun - student like him get this country to the place it deserves, Sheeba-energy un limited and Rajesh-Kids activity 'Master Piper' (and Manju of Esaf not in the pic for the Kids activity)
Republic Day
Wish we bring back  the era of 'Black and White' greener city
Right habits....
After seeing this, i feel Bengaluru has arrived.....
Seen all - biker in a lovely mask  and Deepak at the extreme right

As Amogh did the entire ride route with support wheels while his dad running next to him, guard of honor by  awesome volunteers Manu, Yateesh, Varun and Brinda
does the dog (mans best friend) scary of the tiger or enjoying its freedom?
is the kid wondering why his wheels are so small..... 
flying without wings- open street games....
colorful is not it, Sathya The man who first seeded Cycle Day thought.....
The action and the expression.....

I just loved playing with this puppet it is close to 40 kgs most of it is distributed in those big rings balancing them is quite a task with that need to rotate (those guys who were playing complimented telling they have not seen someone who is doing it for the time 'playing this well')
The Super Man addressing his fans about the adventures.....
open street games.....
Planting ideas into your head (i just could not think of any other better caption - caption credit to Srinivas Krishnamachari)
kid busy with street drawing....
Nilesh Dhumal showed a glimpse of his skill after a huge demand from the fellow bikers....
street play Frisbee....look at his skill - on one leg, focus, balance, who teaches all this to today's kids.... 
is the man dancing to her tunes....oops!?
Lagori - My favorite game - my friends refuse to take me because i hit very hard and rarely miss hitting them.....lol 
street football......
skill/balance/discipline/practice/a fracture or two......
Snake and Ladder - drawing this on previous day was quite a task as it was Saturday and too much of traffic (almost one of us were  to be killed due to a crazy, irresponsible Scorpio driver....) 
what a capture....
Uni cycle - missed trying it....

As all these wonderful people say thank you Bengaluru for making this event so big, i say thank you because i am part of this awesome team!!!!!
Kumuda Kashi is aged 64 years stays in Devanahalli works at Yelahanka to keep herself busy. When most of the people at that age restrict themselves to house. She goes to works, learning music and dance then reads about Cycle Day and comes all the way from Devanahalli to Jayanagar to be part of the event by changing two buses and walking some good distance to be part of the event. She would like to learn 'How 2 Ride' a bicycle by that she will be lot more independent and last mile connectivity to her house becomes easy and less time consuming.

Kinga Bhai is a cyclist from Imphal, was a stunt biker little more than ten years met with an accident and his left hand is completely paralyzed after that. He is one such an awesome inspirational cyclist, cycles every where with a bicycle and clicks some beautiful photos was there with his entire family. A regular face at Cycle Day and this event is so special because of the unheard stories like this among us, world does not even know about it.  

One more blog post by my little dear cyclist Megha, she is studying in 8th standard. Nice write up little cyclist. some of the news paper write ups New indian express, Bangalore Mirror


  1. It just goes better and better...

    Awesome Anil..!

  2. Anil well done again, nice visuals

  3. Anil,you have superbly captured the whole event so crisply!

    1. Brinda,

      Thank you, appreciate you taking time to go through.

  4. Lovely! These are just inspiring stories.

  5. Sunil,

    Thank you, true it is an inspiring story, i am touched and moved.

  6. Thanks for the mention Kadsur Sir.

    I am present in the photo above (with caption 'open street games') where I am playing badminton with my uncle.

  7. Megha,

    That is not bad, even before you telling i have identified hidden you and already featured there....nice write up once again....keep writing, i appreciate you taking time to go through this.

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    1. Mak,

      Thank you, good you had good time at the event.

  9. Well drafted and crisp...Thanks for sharing Anil...

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    1. Shubhashree,

      Thank you, did make it to the event, i missed talking to you.

  11. Replies
    1. Sohan,

      Thank you, hehehe....famous, happy you completed the 1000k now you are celebrity to me.

    2. Thank you Anil..."Yella Ok...Celebrity yella yake"

    3. Sohan,

      Celebrity for the grit, determination, focus, sacrifice, never giving up attitude and any 1000 kms finisher is a celebrity to me!!

  12. Another picture story.. for people who missed this edition :(

  13. Good Work Anil ! I enjoy your Blogs. Keep inspiring !


    1. Hi Thampi Sabari,

      Thank you sir, appreciate you taking time to read it, see you next time at the event.

  14. Hi Anil, Great Initiative..
    I missed the event as we had another event on the same day called COLOROTHON.com

    Would love to join in Future.

    Cheers CYCLE DAY

    1. Hi Sayeesha Kirani,

      Thank you, see you in Feb.

  15. Super Anil. Pics speak 1000 words here. Beautiful.. Will surely be part of next cycle day event

    1. Hi Hari,

      Thank you for taking time to read it, so true pics speak 1000 words.....see you next time at the event.