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Thursday, 22 May 2014

6th Cycle Day pulled in 6 days...!!!

In the month of March we did not get permission to conduct Cycle Day, as it is an DULT anchored event, according Election Commission it may lead to violation of moral Code of Conduct. Just a week to go for last Sunday of April we got the clearance from the Election Commission to go ahead. In less than week it is been pulled off. We had the traffic permissions in place, other important things taken care by the awesome team. Did the dry run of the route on Saturday and decided to keep it to 4.5 kms and avoid using the Koramangala stretch, considering as we need to cross the road from left to right near Krupanidhi college (a 100 feet road) felt it is too dangerous for kids and newbies. It is only Hsr layout and some part of Agara lake. Saturday for my surprise we had only 5 volunteers to do the dry run and I was really concerned how to go about it for next day. Even though it was only 4.5 kms stretch at least we needed 15+ volunteers to man the junctions and make sure ride is smooth. It is less than 24 hrs to go did whatever possible to spread the word to get more volunteers. The effort put in did not look very fruitful, did not get required confident confirmations for showing up of volunteers next day. Back up was as a last option take the help of Event Management company's volunteers or Fit Games volunteers (both of them did not had much role to play till the ride ends). I had the gut feeling some how will get the required volunteers, however did not know how and who will show up?

Yes next day morning when we were about to leave for taking control of the position, we had bikers showing up from nowhere and made me feel really relax. Till that point I was quite restless too and did not show it up, tried looking as cool as possible, I did not had a choice but to keep myself cool. Ride went really smooth. After the ride there were many activities lined up and one of my favorite was cross fit session by 'Fit Games'. I just love these activities, as it is going to be lot of fun and at times can be really creative. First to start off it was those big tractor tires (35 kgs) and tipping them and reach the end point (close to some 30 mtrs). Then swinging those massive ropes (each 25 kgs) one in each hands simultaneously. Hitting the tractor tires with hammer, jumping up and up on a stool that is kept at a distance, hopping on ladder, working with weights, many more and I added a bit of creativity to it, by carrying one of my good biker friend Darshan (who is 85kgs) to some 30 mtrs distance.  In total had super fun, close to around 1,000+ people, pulled a great one in less than a week, tension moment in getting the volunteers and an awesome event in total at a new location, we thank everyone for making it another successful great event.

Loky, Sohan, Alok playing carom in street activities section - Photo credit ESAF
As Varun having fun tipping the tractor tire Pramod and Sagar looking at it, in Fit Games section - photo credit: Srinivas Krishnamachari

We saw this too next to the venue - Photo credit: Bheema Upadhyaya

Each 25 kgs rope,s Sachin of Fit Games demonstrating to DULT Commissioner Dr. Manjula - Photo Credit: Srinivas Krishnamachari

Kids seeing the big bull on the blocked road, do you see how safe they are feeling - Photo credit: Bheema Upadhyaya

Chirag teaching how to play Flex board - Photo credit: Srinivas Krishnamachari

Smile says it all - Photo credit: Srinivas Krishnamachari

Me carrying Darshan - Photo credit: Srinivas Krishnamachari

Thank you Volunteers who made huge difference to the ride - Photo Credit: Goutham Nagaraj

When she finds a 'purpose' to attend Cycle Day.....what to say - Photo Credit: Srinivas Krishnamachari


  1. I liked it... nice one Anil as always ! :)

    1. Rahul,

      Thank you for taking time to read it.

  2. Super blog and extra super snaps. Most probably I'll be coming to this month's cycle day from office after working from 2.00 PM previous day and going back again. Project going live over the weekend.

  3. great post!! i am a huge fan of cycle day. may it scale all over the city!!