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Tuesday, 8 January 2013


At 6.45 am when I reached the base of Nandi, he laughed and said, I am a BULL, you climbing me, forget it...!!!

I was determined and started off. First km was cool body was just getting adjusted to the rhythm I was there crossing 1 km mark under 7 minutes. It is four of us together me, brother- ashok kadsur and cousins- Vinay b rao and Manu kadsur, (we started from house at 5.30am in car and reached the base by 6.30 am) I could see the gap building up and me taking the lead.

Within no time I could see me crossing km after km and I started enjoying the distance, weather, view was awesome. At this point of time I was feeling I can match my first climb timing.

By this time I have already reached the last 2 kms mark. It is a wonderful weather, drizzle, road is completely wet (that is what I like the most, it makes a huge difference and I just love it).

Now I know next is a tough part and I need to survive, I still could see a sarcastic smile on Nandi's face and telling me you and next 2 kms (when he said that, for a second 24 hrs fasting, 110 kms ride after that, all in less 48 hrs all came as a thought in a flash of a second, I said shut up to myself and moved on).

I could see speed has dropped, till now didn't stop, no water also, body is completely hot and mist falling was more of a bless.  I was doing really well for the target time what have I set for myself mentally.  Now I was doing just under 8 minutes  a km. Just around the corner I saw last km mark and I was so sure I have enough energy left in me to last 3330 feet (I feel distance in inches would be more appropriate...!!!).

Seconds passed as minutes passed meters became foots. What a feeling I was at the bend and just after that I could see the Arch.

I did that in 46.05 minutes, I stopped and waited for my brothers to join me, once they reached we returned to the base. I didn't like going down, it was not much fun took 35.03 minutes. We met Vivek Kubaji, Mohammed Rafi, Rajesh Naik and plus 2 of them from this group(referring to BBC...) just reaching the base and stopping for the breakfast.

I did my first climbing on Nandi by RUNNING barefoot. wanted to do this for a long time today was the day.  Tarmac road I felt it was bit tough on my feet this time, through out the stretch small pebbles and many places glass pieces were there. I lost the count of how many people stopping their vehicle and clicking the photos as I was running. When I was returning a guy on Honda Activa made a comment to impress the girl sitting behind him, "Pagal ho gaya" I said I also think the same, he said WHAT, "that is what I also think when I see someone on a motor bike climbing Nandi" (as if like he is testing his custom made motor bike, that is what I said to myself....)by this time we both were quite far.

As I completed the climb and as I was reaching the top I remembered, Nandi's sarcastic smile and the words "I am a BULL and you climbing me".....I silently said, "I am Taurine" and I smiled.....NANDI CRIED....!!!!

at the end of the run....run was on 28082011


  1. Vintage Anil!! .. one of the best posts.. blaze the trail :)

  2. Thank you Prakash, hehehe....vintage true, looking at more running this year.