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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Road less traveled......!!!!

a symbolic pic for the title.

As usual got up at 4.40 am got ready and went for running at half way point in jayanagar met few of my friends (Dr. Ramesh and Diwakar - who recently completed TfN'12). A cup of coffee at Mayya's and returned home by 9.30 ended up doing 14 kms barefoot run.

As I was completing this run and entering the house got an sms from Kishan, a good friend of mine who is my cycling and running partner.  Of late bought a Harley Davidson and we were meeting more for coffee and chat than for cycling and running.  As usual it was a meeting at the 'Bhraman's Cafe' for a cup of coffee and the yummy idli vada. As we reached there it was last Saturday of the month and cafe was closed.

The journey started now, where do we go now, both of us behaved as if our brain won't start working without coffee, we decided to head towards 'South Thindies'. By the time we reached there it is around 4 kms, I started wondering what is this guy is up to, while having coffee asked him? This is how you ride?  His reply was equally surprising to me, it is even more aggressive (lot of guys would define it as rash driving, I beg to differ, as long as you know what you are doing and you are in control of the situation it is not rash.....)"if there is adrenaline rush"!!!

We decided to head towards Mysore road as it was our favourite stretch on bike (bike means bicycle for the outer world....lol) also and reach at in Kengeri. Even though we took the shortest possible and less traffic roads, it was not like that and no less than the regular roads. Within no time we reached Mysore road.

I don't remember in recent days I did travel on this road except on my bike. It was road bike all the time. What makes it so different is what end of the road you ride. On bike all the fast moving vehicles keep going on your right as a pillion rider those vehicles were on my left side. Initially it was bit tough to get adjusted to it, as it was my first ride on a motor bike in last 20 months (as I commute by bicycle or on car in the week end to go out with family). It was not that difficult,  before I completely switching over to bikes, was regularly riding motor bikes.  I started enjoying it and the gut feeling about kishan's riding skills.

before the start from janapada loka

janapadaloka- HD and The Sun....

Within no time we reached Janapada loka and stopped for juice. Clicked couple of photos and left towards kanakapura through a country road. It is a small single lane with two way traffic and traffic was very minimal. Some in-expected vehicles, road humps and pot holes here and there was the area of concern. As we were riding every time a vehicle which comes facing us, they were showing some indication towards us, indicating our head light is on. One chap with so much difficulty came honking and chasing told us head light is on, we both were laughing at it.

Some where around 18 kms to kanakapura we stopped at nice place for photo session. Also met few school 
kids they guided us to small temple on hill top. It was really good location with a nice view. Spent some time there and one of the kid helped us in clicking the photo of us together. 

kids looking at HD

Before we leaving from there, we spoke casually to the kids (they were studying in 8th standard...they haven't heard of Apple (kishan's was carrying i phone) and don't know what is internet....it is 60 kms from blr) and thanking them for the click. They told us they are poor, their parents do some labour work on a daily wages. He asked

kishan meditating and practicing yoga!!!

yoga,meditation, ride now it is rest time.....

us will you give me something (asking for money...), we refused. Kishan gave bit of a peace mind and kind words as advice, I just smiled. As we returned from that place, I was just thinking, what education has done to us, we don't have the knowledge and values more keen on easy money.  That remembers me a quote by Abraham Lincoln  in his letter to teacher, "teach my son one cent earned hard way is more important than a dollar you get free on the road".

We hit he road again, kishan took off very well, couldn't find a single mistake in his riding. He was predictable to co-users of the road and fast in his calculations that gave him nice maneuvering skills and peace of mind to me, no wonder shortly he will be an 'Iron Butt', this completes a 150 kms ride, 'The road less traveled' on a motor bike for change.

 with this photo was he symbolically telling me, transition from biking to motor biking and still nothing changed!!!!


  1. nice first article.. :) looking for more regular updates here!!!

  2. Thank you Prakash...sure, love to. i would like to spend some time for this.

  3. I wish i'll go fr similar ride someday...:)

    1. Bhavya why not, many a times we really don't know what life can throw at us over a period of time, thanks for reading. wish that happens to you.

  4. It was fun to read, and nice clicks.. :)